Come Hell or High Water

June 2013

A 8ftx6ftx6ft vitrine/tank, showcases a very average (read beige) looking suburban Midwestern living room (the color of the room is based on the best selling paint color at Home Depot and the best selling carpet). The tank is flooded and drained periodically for the duration of the exhibition. Allowing for the effects of the simulated deluge to wreck havoc onto the room, its entropic condition on display for all to see. The work, with allusions to Haacke's Condensation cube, performs not only to its own hermetic condition but talks to larger concerns of global warming and other perceived or unknown impeding disasters that disrupt and destroy the safety and sanctity of the domestic condition (especially within the context of the American dream).

A supporting photo taken in the Russian coal mining town of Barentsburg in Svalsbard well within the Arctic Circle, shows a socialist realist mural of a birch forest painted onto a building as black smoke billows from the coal processing mines behind. The irony of the situation speaks on its own.

Material: Acrylic, Drywall, Wood, Hose Paint, Carpet, Found Objects, Sump Pumps, Water

Dimensions: 8'x7'x12'

Exhibitions +

MOCAD:(In)Habitation, June 2013