Going my way

February 2011

The project transfers the familiar iconography of one culture (the colorful and exquisite patterns and design of Pakistani Trucks) to another (the arguable blander American cousin). The project proposes to address the lopsided expanse of globalization, where Western, in particular American cultural hegemony dominates the global landscape. With many nations still struggling to establish their own national identities (especially in the aftermaths of post colonial and post cold war politics) are finding their cultural identity framed within the dominant western lens, and as such often seen as exotic and alterior. The modality of the project's gesture, the placing of unfamiliar iconography onto US trucks, asserts to introduce these images into the everyday, allowing them to become just another part of the saturated visual landscape as the trucks crisscross the nation, and thus subversively insert aspects of this "other" into the American vernacular. The work was also exhibited with an accompanying mural depicting the iconography found on Pakistani trucks dropping excrements of pattern onto the documentary photographs of the interventionist action, an allusion to both graffiti's play on the word bombing as well as an alternate response to America's current war in Pakistan.

Material: Vinyl, Archival Digital Prints

Dimensions: Variable

Exhibitions +

2011, 5C5C Seoul, Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea

2011 Changwon Asian Art Festival, Changwon National Art Museum, Seoul, Korea