Ice Bound

October 2009

A major consequence of Global Warming is that the ice caps are melting. Large chunks of ice are breaking off, drifting and melting into warmer waters. Ice Bound, created during an artist residency in the Arctic Circle in 2009, is an intervention where broken icebergs were 'tied' back together. The action mimics the heroics in the (American) folktale of a young Dutch boy who saves his village from catastrophe by sticking his finger into a leaking dyke, a gut response, an act of desperation of the individual in face of calamity albeit, in my case inconsequential, to save the ice from drifting into warmer oceans and melting. Ice Bound, a symbolic gesture of heroic pathos and a jester's sense of humor, is documented as photographic images.

Material: Ice, Nylon Rope, Metal I-hooks

Dimensions: Documented: Archival Digital Print (32" x 47")