Khan Artist

January 2004

In Khan Artist, the artist directly appropriates the act and very systems of credit consumption. Registering as a validated merchant with a fully operational credit processing machine and account, the Artist (or through a sales rep proxy) asks the visitor to make a purchase - though no product or service is returned in kind at the time of transaction. The visitor's purchase card will be charged an amount of money (a minimum of $1.00 is required, though the visitor can willingly offer a higher amount). The Artist's name will show up on the itemized list of the visitor's monthly statement.

What is bought and what is sold? Is the piece become more precious if a larger amount is charged? Does the statement become an art object simply because the artist's name appears on it or acknowledgment of art and artist as commodity and product. Consumption of art or consumption as art?

Material: Credit Card processing machine and receipt printer

Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 4"